Scavenger Hunt



This is my line picture. The diagonal lines and the camera angle counteract making a weird diagonal feel. The white piano keys and the bottom of the black piano keys make lines that are perpendicular. I photoshopped this picture black and white so that your eye could focus on the lines.



This is my shape picture. The gold ornament’s ornament’s round shape is clear against the plain flat wall. I photoshopped the background black and white so that your eye would focus on the ornament.



This is my form picture. This picture shows the depth of the books. I photoshopped the background darker to make the books are the focal point. The dark background and shelf make the books look almost floating because you can not see where the shelf ends and where the background begins.



This is my colour picture. The warm light of the bulb emitting and bouncing off the frame stands out against the dark background. I photoshopped this picture by increasing the contrast.



This is my value picture. The shadows of the globe gives the picture dimension and.  the colour on the globe stands out against the grey wall. I photoshopped the wall black and white



This is my texture picture. There are many textures in this image including the smooth ornaments, the sparkly leaves and the prickly thorns. I photoshopped this image darker.



This is my space picture. The chess piece stands out in its own space. The white contrasts with the dark and the blurry background draws your eyes to the middle chess piece. I photoshopped this picture by increasing the contrast, making it black and white and blurring the background.



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