Working Photographer


“The photographing of buildings and similar structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate representations of their subjects.”

Eddy Joaquin

  • Born in South Africa
  • Now located in San Francisco
  • Finalist for Photo Focus’ Emerging Photographer of the Year competition in 2010

3f8f431f3b635211ca496c5065518abe pageimage-482761-1707169-lmexicocity_palaciobelasartes 58d056919635eb815485a621e9d8dbc8  Explain what makes the image sellable, in your opinion. Don’t worry too much about technical lingo. Approach this as the Buyer. Why is this photographer employable?

  • Sellable images are all about finding a unique way of capturing an object. People are drawn to images with good colour and spacing.

List 3 other photographers’ websites to visit to get an idea of this style.

What is YOUR style or photographic interest based on all styles presented?
Why have you chosen this style? How does this relate to you and your goals?

  • I enjoy architectural photography. I like how straight lines and curved lines together create uneven layers. I like how edges and curves overlap to create contrast. This relates to me and my goals because I have always had an interest in Architecture. In fact I have considered the possibility being an architect when I get older.




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